6 bread-making tips:

  • Do not let the salt touch the yeast, until starting to mix, as salt ‘retards’ the yeast (prevents it from working properly).
  • Use cold water. The longer you allow a dough to prove, the more flavour it will develop. If you add warm water, this speeds up the process thus reducing flavour.
  • You can knead by hand or using an electric mixer with a dough hook but you will learn more about the correct consistencies if kneading by hand.
  • Kneading the dough helps to develop the gluten in the flour which creates a lovely smooth, elastic texture.
  • Do not add more flour into your dough when kneading as this changes the consistency. It is better to use oil on the work surface.
  • Generally, bread dough needs to rise for an hour or more, you then shape the dough and allow it to prove (2nd rise) for another hour before baking.

Lainey x